Compilatio supports educational institutions in their pedagogical initiative to combat plagiarism.

With its programme, Compilatio furthers plagiarism prevention by providing complementary educational resources: online similarity-detection software, awareness-raising materials, training tool, personalised coaching, etc.

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Compilatio Detection Software, an easy-to-use educational tool

Prepare documents to analyse

Manual or automated upload of documents to be analysed. Remote submission of work by students directly into the Magister interface effectively holds students accountable.

Run analyses of textual similarities

Automatic comparison with the open-access global Internet, the database of institutions equipped with Compilatio and the documents analysed by your institution.

Assess the quality of the work

Unbiased evaluation of work through side-by-side comparisons with detected sources to verify the quality of citations. Similarity reports serve as a basis for discussion with students to educate them about citation rules.

Why Compilatio rather than other anti-plagiarism software?

  • An anti-plagiarism programme that is flexible and customised for each educational entity
  • Institutional subscription for a strong and homogeneous policy
  • Simple and hierarchical organisation: the Compilatio Project Lead manages teacher accounts
  • Integration with educational platforms (Moodle, Claroline, Dokeos, Chamilo, etc.) to boost usage
  • Reliable algorithms in various languages for all document formats
  • Rich databases for comparison with partner institutions around the world
  • Additional educational content ready for you to use
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Confidentiality of analysed documents, which are encrypted and never sold or disseminated

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