Acumen is a SaaS analytics solution that will change the way your organization does business.  Starting with Learning Analytics based on data from the industry leading D2L platform, Acumen collects data across the organizan for a 360 view of customers across platforms and over time.  Acumen features hassle free integrations, a single source of trusted data, and intuitive dashboards and visualizations for data-informed decisions. 

Acumen offers pre-built data connectors to D2L and other systems containing member or customer data for seamless integration across your core technologies. The platform is designed to be flexible, allowing addition of new data sources for a comprehensive picture of member touchpoints and engagement.   

Acumen features a scalable hosted  architecture including a data warehouse working in tandem with a data lake as a staging area to efficiently store diverse data for analysis. Acumen manages large volumes of data structured in a dimensional model optimized for reporting and analytics. 

Best of all, Acumen features hundreds of out-of-the-box best practice visualizations to enable your staff to explore data to answer business questions and make key decisions with confidence.  

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