Qwickly Attendance

Take the pain out of tracking student attendance and grading participation with Qwickly Attendance. This robust tool enables faculty to take attendance that is automatically graded in D2L Grades.

Qwickly Attendance offers a variety of ways to take attendance: take attendance manually using a list of students or click through students one by one, start a student check-in session in which students can check in on their own devices or integrate with USB card readers for reading student ID cards with a variety of card readers for an extra layer of verification.

Instructors can allow students to check in to class on their own devices. Checking in allows instructors to skip manually taking attendance and gives students credit for being in class. For extra security, Qwickly Attendance can automatically generate a 4 digit pin for students to enter.

Qwickly Attendance includes a card reader mode, which allows instructors to take attendance for large courses with a swipe, tap, or scan of a student's ID card. This is done by using a USB card reader that is hooked up to one or more computers. Students swipe, tap, or scan their existing ID cards to be counted as present. There is no specific card vendor required in order to use this mode, instead we have a quick configuration process that should work with nearly any card.

Automatic grading allows participation or attendance to be graded and always up-to-date during the semester. This feature creates a single grade column that is automatically maintained and updated immediately upon taking attendance or from editing the student's record. This can be customized by the number of points attendance is worth. Instructors can also enter a value for the whole semester up front or a number of points each session is worth.

Qwickly Attendance provides power and flexibility with attendance statuses. Three attendance statuses are built in (Present, Absent, and Excused) and others can be created for all courses or individual courses. Each status has an absence weight and points attached to provide basic options like late or tardy all the way to building complex participation scales. This enables faculty to set items as partial credit, award bonuses for going to study sessions and create participation scale (i.e. 1-5 points per day).

Students have a unique view of the attendance screen, allowing them to see their own record, helping them stay on track of any attendance policies. Of course, they are not able to see the record of any other student.

Qwickly Attendance has a full-featured record screen that lets instructors easily change a student's attendance status to correct an error or report an excused absence by clicking the cell for their record and view totals of each status for all students at a glance in the Status Summary view to easily identify the number of presents, absences, tardies or other statuses accumulated.

The Attendance Record shows the aggregate number of absences for each student. This includes custom statuses that may give students partial absences, such as tardies. In addition, faculty can save an attendance record to their computer that can be opened by Excel or other spreadsheet software.


Automatic Grading

Keep grades up to date all semester long.

Unlimited Daily Sessions

Lecture and lab on the same day? Qwickly Attendance has no limits on the number of times attendance can be taken in a day.

Send Absence Emails

Automatically notify students when they are marked absent complete with custom messaging and personalization capabilites.

Add Comments

Record specific information regarding student absences when taking attendance or later in the attendance record.

Quick Record Re-Ordering

Instantly switch records from oldest first to newest first.

Student Photo Integration

Integrate student photos into attendance screens to improve name recognition.

Label Sessions

Titles differentiate sessions on the same day or highlight important term dates. For example, label lab and lecture session for the same date or label exam day.

Sticky Settings

Common settings are saved intelligently during use of the product, resulting in less configuration.

Continuous Development

Ongoing feature development ensures a future-proof attendance platform.

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