Qwickly Course Tools

Qwickly Course Tools is an elegant and efficient solution that is seamlessly integrated into Blackboard Learn. With Qwickly Course Tools, instructors have the ability to do the following across multiple courses at once:

  • Send E-Mail
  • Post Announcements
  • Distribute Documents
  • Create Assignments
  • Set Course Availability
  • Add Weblinks
  • Create Calendar Events

D2L Brightspace users can now take advantage of existing features and utilities that increase productivity and efficiency, while exploring new features like Link Verification, which allows instructors to detect and correct broken links in the LMS with a few clicks of their mouse. Another popular feature among Qwickly Course Tools is the ability to post announcements across multiple courses. Being able to speak to all students in different courses with the click of a button, saves both time and frustration. 

Want to learn more about how you can make your LMS more efficient? Watch the Streamline Management and Communication Across Multiple LMS Courses with Qwickly Course Tools webinar!

This webinar shows off our new and improved Qwickly Course Tools look! This new look is now available to be turned on at the administrative level.

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