Kidz Learn Applications

"Kidz Learn Applications" are educational, informational and fun content available as mobile apps in iOS/Android, Alexa Skills and in You tube channel.

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"Kidz Learn Applications" are educational apps. These apps educate in math, science, basic computer science and also in a different way attempts to foster learning. These apps have the necessary information to make us aware of the global concerns and small proactive steps/solutions to address them.


Apps in iOS

App Name

App Link

Math - Mean, Median, Mode

Kidz learn

Geo Blocks - Math

Minerals and Rocks

Kidz Knockout Operations

Triangles in Geometry

Kidz Learn Vocabulary

Graphs and Slopes

Two Iguanas

Kidz Match

Kidz Learn Transportation

Kidz Learn Countries

Body Parts - Internal

Puzzle Time - Amaze

Buggy World

Kidz Fun

Kidz Fun - Category Select

Kidz Learn - Rocks

Kidz Learn sports and Angles

Rotating Globe

Body Parts - Basic

Body Parts - Middle and Asia

Apps in Android

Apps in Android

App Links

Kidz Learn Rocks

Body Parts - Internal Organs

Body Parts - Skeletal System

Bugs World

Kidz Stories

Brave Rooster


Alexa Skills

Eclipse facts

Manhattan, NY Local Guide

What's my dessert

Edison, NJ Local Guide

Quiz Bee Trivia

Teen Guide

Sports List Calendar

Space Chunks

Simple Compounds

Kidz Fractions

Net Knowledge Trivia

Math Puzzle Game

Animal Categories

Plant Facts

Holiday Facts


Books in Amazon

Giant Lily Pad

Animal Differences -1

Animal Differences -2

Spooky Story

The Big Ugly Duckling

How a Cow made Broccoli

Two Iguanas

Rolly - Olly- Short Stories

Species Differences

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