Empower by FishTail Technologies

Empower includes the following capabilities: 

Flexible Section/CRN Arrangement, Course Creation and Activation

The application empowers faculty and staff to create courses in the LMS in a manner that best suits their needs. With a user-friendly interface, featuring both drag-and-drop and screen-reader accessible options, course site creation is quick and easy. If you would like the best of both worlds you can start with Semester Kick Off building every course site and then allow faculty to move sections around when necessary.

Empower allows you to set a standing rule for how many days in advance of each course site’s start date you would like course sites to be active or simply allow faculty to activate their courses through Brightspace. 

IPSIS is great when a standard integration will do, but for clients that want more flexibility, faculty empowerment, and time to focus on improving teaching, choose Empower.

Automate Account Creation and Enrollment Processing

Empower automates user account creation and updates while also processing enrollment adds and drops as fast as you can send them. Don’t worry about differential data, simply send us all known positive enrollments at that moment in time and we will handle the adding and dropping of students and instructors for all of their courses.

 Do you ever wish you had the ability for your My Home Announcements to reach all members of the instructional team so that you could write audience specific announcements for instructional teams or students? Empower’s Role Switcher feature allows system administrators to determine what roles individuals should have at the organization level of D2L, based on their course level enrollments, keeping your My Home users up to date and ready to receive targeted announcements.

Course Feed
Empower enables your SIS to know which course sections/CRNs are connected to which specific course sites no matter how many times you have adjusted their arrangements. This provides you the opportunity to link students directly to specific course sites and for faculty to use the D2L Grades API to retrieve semester end grades. 

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