Wixie is a cloud based platform for students to create ebooks, presentations, infographics, video, comic strips, portfolios and more. Wixie provides teachers with tools to create, manage and provide feedback on assignments. With a library of over 1500 templates, Wixie makes it easy for teachers to make digital learning an everyday part of classroom learning.

Amplify student voice

Wixie gives students powerful tools to create projects that combine text, voice, and video with original art and images, encouraging critical thinking and building creativity and communication skills.

Empower collaboration

Wixie's Team feature supports essential team-building and organization skills through real-time collaborative projects.

Create learning artifacts

Wixie lets students share their work as a url, a video, an animated GIF, an image, an eBook, or a PDF. Students can choose the perfect artifact to represent their learning.

Manage learning

Teachers can create assignments and easily access student work to view, provide feedback, and assess their projects. Students don't have to manage files or upload documents to submit assignments!

Meet your curriculum goals

Start from a blank page or choose from hundreds of standards-based curriculum templates. Schools can also build custom libraries of templates specific to their curriculum.

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