With BookWidgets, teachers can create over 40 interactive exercises and auto-graded assignments with 36 different question types. All teachers from all courses across different grades can use BookWidgets.

Teachers can easily integrate BookWidgets inside D2L. The integration enables teachers to follow student progress in realtime when they are working on a BookWidgets assignment. This way, teachers can quickly guide their students in the right direction when they need help.

Teachers are using BookWidgets all over the world for both summative and formative evaluation. The powerful grading dashboard allows teachers to review student work efficiently and easily give comprehensive feedback. Grades are automatically synced with D2L. 

Features that stand out for our teachers:

  • 40+ template activities or widgets including games, worksheets, and a Video Quiz
  • 36 question types to choose from in the Quiz, Video Quiz, Worksheet, and Split Worksheet widgets. About 90% get auto-graded!
  • Seamless integration with D2L
  • Live monitoring when students are working on your assignments
  • Powerful grading and feedback dashboard with handy filters and comment options
  • Word & PDF import to transfer your paper handouts to digital

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